Cops shut down ‘non-essential’ liquor store

The Brickfields police in Kuala Lumpur have closed down an alcohol store – which it said was unimportant.

There have additionally been reports that the police purportedly requested hypermarkets to shut down their liquor segments. Be that as it may, this was questioned by Kuala Lumpur police boss Azmi Abu Kassim.

In an articulation today, Brickfields police boss Anuar Omar said officials reviewed an alcohol store yesterday following an objection about the business getting endorsement to work as a food and refreshment merchant.

the Prasarana perasaan (brimming with himself) fellow has been sacked as its executive. What’s more, Malaysia lives joyfully ever after? Sorry people, the Tajuddin Abdul Rahman disaster has no fantasy finishing. It’s simply a glimpse of something larger of what’s up with our framework.

The way that he is the Umno MP of Pasir Salak makes it more unexpected. This spot in Perak represents “noble” Malay patriotism over “evil” British expansionism. It was here, in 1875, that the “trouble maker” British Resident JWW Birch was slaughtered by the “hero” Maharajalela. A few “Birch Roads” in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Taiping and somewhere else were renamed as needs be to stamp which side post-pioneer Malaysia represented.

Tajuddin addresses a spot that is about obstruction, recovery and resurgence, a perjuangan keramat or hallowed battle for individuals since guaranteed by Umno. So, Pasir Salak should be about autonomy, strength and ability, our variant of Viva la Revolucion.

Yet, what did we get all things considered? Pasir Salak’s long-term wakil rakyat didn’t accept his position genuinely. He was so inadequately pre-arranged that staff had to mentor him during the media gathering disaster. His alleged “organization business” and “second immunization shot” were a higher priority than a significant mishap.

In Japan and Taiwan, when a train calamity happens, individuals in control kneel in humble expression of remorse. Our companion here rather attempted to threaten the media, cautioning them ” […] jangan cuba nak probok-probok” (don’t attempt to incite). Furthermore, to top it all off, he unfeelingly kidded about “trains kissing” when so many had been harmed in the LRT crash, some basically.

So, his presentation was a train wreck. Aren’t there more proficient Malaysians to fill such a GLC post? Indeed, when Pakatan Harapan was in power, they selected previous …

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