Umno’s Puad questions if PAS is sincere about unity, MN

An Umno pioneer seems to have interrogated whether PAS is genuine regarding political solidarity and the Muafakat Nasional agreement between the two gatherings.

Puad Zarkashi, an Umno Supreme Council part, said that if PAS was significant about the agreement, the Islamic party would not have gone despite Umno’s good faith to join Perikatan Nasional.

Addressing FMT, Puad said he was not astounded by comments purportedly made by the PAS profound counselor, Hashim Jasin, that Umno had wrecked endeavors to join the ummah.

Hashim, in a report by Utusan Malaysia, had said Umno’s choice to pull out help for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had squashed endeavors to join the Islamic people group.

He additionally said Umno’s choice had by implication influenced ties between the two gatherings in Muafakat Nasional.

Puad said: “There is no compelling reason to fault Umno. In the event that PAS was significant, they ought not have gone despite Umno’s good faith to join PN officially.

He said PAS realized that Bersatu is Umno’s adversary, and that numerous Bersatu pioneers and MPs had changed sides from Umno.

“They (Bersatu) attempted to obliterate Umno, so what solidarity does PAS need to seek after?”

Puad added that if PAS was significant about solidarity, the gathering should welcome Amanah to join PN and MN or be important for the government.

“Would they need that? I’m certain PAS won’t concur, on the grounds that Amanah is an opponent. PAS doubtlessly wouldn’t have any desire to share their ‘better half’. PAS would clearly need to guarantee back the seats which Amanah won. They consider those to be PAS seats.”

He additionally said Umno’s choice to pull out its help for Muhyiddin was defended.

Puad said Hashim should assist Muhyiddin with reacting the seven reasons that Umno had expressed for its choice to pull out its help, for example, the public authority’s treatment of the Covid-19 emergency and the economy.

“Except if PAS doesn’t think the public authority has fizzled. For instance, can Hashim clarify the advantages of pronouncing an Emergency for a very long time for individuals and in decreasing the spread of Covid-19?”

He said PAS MPs didn’t uphold Umno’s interest for a programmed advance ban and an oddball RM10,000 Employees’ Provident Fund withdrawal.

“What are the needs for PAS? Individuals or political endurance?”

Puad said Umno is focused on maintaining MN and this was a need particularly since Umno and PAS were the two biggest Malay gatherings.

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