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                Little knowledge about chopsticks

                2021-09-27 379

                  1. Chopsticks have round ends and square ends. The symbol of circle is heaven, and the symbol of square corresponds to heaven and place. This is the Chinese people's understanding of the basic principles of the world. Fang's on the top and Yuan's on the side, touching food directly, represents "food is the most important thing for the people".

                  2. When holding chopsticks, the thumb, index finger, ring finger, little finger and middle finger are in the center, which is the image of heaven, earth and man. This is the Chinese people's understanding of the relationship between man and the world.

                  3. A pair of chopsticks is divided into two, representing the Chinese people's adherence to the concepts of Tai Chi and Yin and Yang. Tai Chi is one, yin and yang are two, and one is divided into two, which means that everything is composed of two opposites; The combination of yin and Yang also means a complete achievement.


                  4. There are eight trigrams in the book of changes: Qian, Kan, gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun and Dui; Dark eight trigrams: rest, life, injury, Du, Jing, death, surprise and opening. Two chopsticks are two, corresponding to the eight trigrams is the "exchange" trigram, which means "mouth". Chopsticks are straight and long, corresponding to the "Xun" hexagram of the eight trigrams, which means "entering".

                  5. When using chopsticks, one is active and the other is driven; The active is Yang and the driven is Yin. This is the image of the two instruments.

                  6. A pair of chopsticks lying on the table is like a pen lying on the desk, which is an expression of elegance.

                  7. The standard length of chopsticks is seven inches and six minutes, which represents that people have seven emotions and six desires, so as to show that they are substantially different from animals.

                  8. Chopsticks also have the effects of acupoint pointing, massage and scraping. In the old days, when people walked in the Jianghu, they only needed a pair of chopsticks. They could figure out their own shortcomings, even if they forgot to bring them, broke a branch or reed, broke it, ground it on a stone and washed it in water.

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